STEP ONE: Carve out some quiet time. You can complete these missions at any time, on your own schedule. However, it may take you a few hours to complete this game, so give yourself plenty of time to enjoy it!

STEP TWO: Grab some wine, chocolate, cheetos, or [insert your pleasure of choice here]. Get your game on.

STEP THREE: Post questions that come up, and sweet resources that you find while playing the game here.

I highly highly highly recommend finding ways to share / collaborate / leverage the knowledge and creativity of this group. Feel free to contact each other by phone, slack or carrier pigeon. I don’t care HOW you support each other, but you will do better in the game if you do!

STEP FOUR: Submit all your brilliant photos / videos to When you email me a photo or video, be sure to write the mission title in the subject line.

STEP FIVE: Since this a playtest, please jot down any ideas, questions or reflections you have while playing. We’ll go over all of that during the debrief!

Ready! Here is Mission #1 (enter password to begin)